So, you’re thinking of taking up yoga? The first thing to figure out is which type of yoga to try first. Many beginners think that yoga is just yoga – it’s all the same: poses, breathing – yep, got it. There are actually many different variations of yoga and classes.  

Each one is unique. Yes, focussing on the breathing is in every form, but poses, transitions and speed are all factors that differ within each class. Here’s a quick guide for some of the most popular classes you’ll see when researching which one is the right one for you:


Vinyasa aims to create a flowing energy by connecting your breathing with your movement. The movements should be natural and fluid, yet that still takes quite a bit of work to get right. You will strike a variety of different poses through several sequences, holding certain poses longer than others.


Also known as Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga is performed in a heated room that can reach temperatures of 105 °F (40 °C) and humidity levels of 40 percent. The purpose of the heat is to loosen the muscles and encourage sweating to cleanse toxins out of the body.


Ashtanga means “eight limb path” in Sanskrit. As another advanced form of yoga, it requires a good level of experience: many of the postures are physically demanding and the movements fast and intense. But as you develop, you may well start to notice an increase in stamina, strength and flexibility.


Don’t be deceived. It may be slow, but it can be challenging. With only around five poses in each class and spending five minutes or more in each of them, it allows deeper stretching and the ability to truly let go of any tension.


If you have an injury or have a limited ability of movement then Restorative is perfect. Slower transitions with different pose variations aid the body’s release. The longer stances and poses really help you to listen to your body. Tension, be gone.

Yoga, your way

Yoga is all about knowing your limits, your body and acknowledging your breathing. There’s no one size fits all – it’s about what you like and what benefits your mind and body. Our suggestion is to try a few and see which ones you prefer. You can easily do this on the Esquared app!

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