5 key benefits of a good night’s sleep

By on April 17, 2018 in Advice

Did you know a third of your life is spent sleeping? Well, it should be anyway. The thing is, nowadays many of us don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours a night – even though it’s a vital ingredient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Quality sleep boosts your mood, your performance, your immune system, your memory and your energy levels. So finish your cocoa, fluff up your pillow and discover 5 key benefits of a good night’s sleep.

World Health Day: The Benefits of Water

By on April 6, 2018 in Advice

Guess what? It’s easier and cheaper than you think to be healthier… and the key ingredient? Water!

We have all been told before that we should drink more water a day but most of us don’t know exactly why… So, being World Health Day we thought we’d fill you in on why hydrating really is a saving grace. Trust us, you’ll be thankful when you wake up looking youthful and full of energy.

Jog on: 7 exercises to prevent runner’s knee

By on April 1, 2018 in Advice

Do you like to run a lot? You won’t need telling how much strain it puts on on your knees. In fact, research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reckons that up to fifty percent of running injuries relate to the knees. And the most common running injury of all? Yep, you guessed it. Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Actually, you said runner’s knee didn’t you?

Tried & Tested: The Best Sports Bra For Your Workout

By on March 28, 2018 in Advice

Your choice of sports bra can make or break a workout. And while you want your HIITT session to take you out of your comfort zone, that doesn’t mean in the sense of unwanted bouncing, chafing or tightness. Yet finding the best sports bra to support your breasts rather than suffocate them can sometimes be tough going.

Not any more. We’ve put together the best for your chest so you can enjoy a workout that feels good in all the right places.

Bags of choice: 6 Brilliant Gym Bags

By on March 23, 2018 in Advice

Going to the gym is all about looking good and feeling great. That can start with some stylish gear that makes you look seriously cool even when the heat is on. But have you got a bag to match? You’ll want something practical, of course. Something lightweight and spacious to make it as easy as possible to carry your kit around town. Whether you prefer rucksacks, holdalls or duffle bags, there’s no shortage of choice out there – so here are 6 of the best gym bags to get to grips with.

Handy tips for a healthy flight

By on March 20, 2018 in Advice

You might have fitted in a last-minute workout before flying off somewhere, but without taking the right precautions you can still end up feeling drained and disorientated when you land. With Esquared set to go live in countries all over the globe, we’re pretty confident we’ve perfected the art of long distance travel. So whether you’re a frequent flyer or just heading off for a well earned break, this list of tips for a healthy flight will help to make sure you arrive in great shape.