Why you need to try Spinning

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Pumping tunes. Pulsating energy. Passionate instructors shouting above the music. Indoor cycling can feel like a nightclub on bikes. Unlike road cycling there are no red lights, pedestrian crossings and swerving vans to hold you up. And in an uplifting group setting, it can often be as much about being social as building stamina.

Handy tips for a healthy flight

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You might have fitted in a last-minute workout before flying off somewhere, but without taking the right precautions you can still end up feeling drained and disorientated when you land. With Esquared set to go live in countries all over the globe, we’re pretty confident we’ve perfected the art of long distance travel. So whether you’re a frequent flyer or just heading off for a well earned break, this list of tips for a healthy flight will help to make sure you arrive in great shape.

Enjoy a healthy, happy Christmas Day

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Of all the days in the year, this is probably the one where your mind is more focused on the trimmings than staying trim. It’s the time when punch relates to a bowl rather than a bag. An occasion for raising toasts rather than lifting weights. Even so, there are still a few little things you can do to have a healthy Christmas Day and still enjoy it at the same time.

Why you need to try: BOXING

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If you’re looking for a full-on workout that will strip fat, build muscle and get you fitter than you’ve ever been in your life, then ding ding boxing is for you. Put on your gloves and climb into the ring. We can’t promise you’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, but we can guarantee you’ll enjoy an awesome training session all the same.

5 key benefits of a good night’s sleep

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Did you know a third of your life is spent sleeping? Well, it should be anyway. The thing is, nowadays many of us don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours a night – even though it’s a vital ingredient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Quality sleep boosts your mood, your performance, your immune system, your memory and your energy levels. So finish your cocoa, fluff up your pillow and discover 5 key benefits of a good night’s sleep.