We all know the importance of having water on hand when you’re working out. Prevents dehydration, encourages recovery, replenishes fluids lost through sweat, yada yada yada. But what about the bottles you use to bring it along? Should you go for glass, plastic or steel? To help you make your choice, here’s a quick look at three of the best water bottles on the market.

First of all, pass on disposable plastic

Forget buying plastic bottles every time you visit the gym. They’re bad for the planet. Bad for your wallet. And they can even be bad for your health. Many plastics deteriorate over time, a process that can release potentially hazardous chemicals into your water – and then into you.

Stainless steel

These are the kind of flasks that feel like they’ve had a pretty good workout themselves. Hard, tough and extremely durable, they can take whatever you throw at them – so don’t worry about it breaking when you drop one in your gym bag. Besides lasting much longer than other options, the composition of the metal also means it won’t ‘leak’ chemicals into your water.

Our favourite stainless steel water bottle: S’Well


The triple insulated S’Well flask will keep your drink as warm or as cold as it’s supposed to be, while remaining free from condensation. S’Well is a cool, eco-friendly brand with a huge range of stylish collections inspired by fashion and nature. Their site is US-based but you’ll find plenty of stockists in the UK. And by the way, not that you’d be interested, but the 25oz size flask can fit in most of a bottle of wine.  

Eco-friendly plastic

Reusable plastic water bottles are affordable and lightweight, making them an ideal addition to your gym bag. If you decide to go for the eco-friendly plastic option, then make sure it’s BPA and Phthalate-free. And make sure you never leave it in direct sunlight. This speeds up the breakdown of the plastic and we already know what that means.

Our favourite eco plastic water bottle: Memo Bottle


The super sleek and seriously cool Memo Bottle was created to make moving away from disposable plastic the smart choice in every way. A more sustainable approach never looked so good. This beautifully designed bottle feels more like a fashion statement than a water flask and fits perfectly into your laptop bag, as well as a rucksack or holdall.


If you prefer a more deluxe look and feel, make glass your workout water bottle of choice. It maintains the purity of your water and the taste of your drink, plus you can put it in the dishwasher too. A little bit heavier? Sure. But someone as fit and strong as you can deal with that right?

Our favourite glass water bottle: Eco VesselEco-vessel-glass-best-water-bottles-workout

So if you’re going for glass, what do you want to be looking out for? We love the super stylish and eco-friendly Eco Vessel. A protective silicone sleeve keeps those good looks away from harm while the bottle itself is made out of 60% recycled glass.

Work up a thirst with

So yes, drinking plenty of water while you’re working out is good for you. And with the right water flask, it can be a lot better for the environment too. Now all you need to do is work up a thirst and that’s where the E² app comes in. It connects you to membership-free 2-hour gym sessions and one-off studio classes at many of London’s most sought after venues, wherever and whenever it suits you. Welcome to the world of fitness on demand.


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