Christmas is over, the decorations are down, we’ve lost our festive cheer so what could we possibly have to look forward to before summer? A season of skiing of course (and all apres activities that come with!)

A Winter workout

Whether you enjoy the occasional slope or you can be found on and off piste every chance you get skiing is an intense full body workout which targets your legs, glutes, arms, shoulders and abs. Skiing ensures you are basically squatting the entire way down every run, engaging your core to maintain stability whilst your shoulders and arms help drive momentum with the poles (not the mention the struggle of getting uphill on skis back to the lift!) A combination of strength training and cardio workouts are essential to condition your body for skiing so that you can enjoy your full skiing trip without suffering from muscle soreness and aches after day 1 (we’ve all been there!)


Off piste training prep

Complete a variety cross training to ready yourself for the weight bearing and balance challenging aspect of skiing whilst stretching and restorative exercises will help keep you supple and prevent injury. With the Esquared app you can cross train at gyms and studios across London without any commitment on a PAYG basis. Break a sweat at these classes in the weeks leading up to your ski trip.

  • Reformer Pilates at The Klinik – for low impact resistance training and core strengthening
  • Broken at Soho Gyms – an intense group workout to challenge your endurance and fitness
  • Spin at Digme Fitness – to turn up the cardio workouts and tone up your legs
  • Yoga at  Chelsea Health Club & Spa – improve your flexibility and prevent injury whilst you find your flow
  • Brooklyn HIIT class at F45 Farringdon – a fusion of HIIT, cardio and mixed martial arts to keep you guessing
  • Best’s Bootcamp – heart pumping, sweat inducing workout to build your body’s ability to absorb impact and improve fitness levels
  • Barre at Fitness Fusions – use your body weight to create lean muscles perfect for strengthening knees and small muscle groups

For a complete breakdown and everything, you need to know about skiing and training check out this ski training guide from our friends at Sports Fitness Advisor.
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