Before we begin, let’s bust a couple of the most common misconceptions you will often hear about Reformer Pilates.

It’s yoga. Nope, it’s resistance training.
It’s a stretching session. Nope, it’s an intense workout.

And while the activity is the workout of choice for basically every Victoria’s Secret Angel, supermodel and ballet dancer you can think of, it’s not just for women. Kobe Byrant, Andy Murray, Orlando Blooms and Calvin Harris are also big fans, not to mention any number of Olympic athletes and rugby players.

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates originally formulated the Pilates repertoire of movements during the First World War to help injured soldiers start exercising again. Pilates was then developed to train professional dancers. It then grew into an intense workout hosted at a number of exclusive studios. Today, Pilates is more popular and accessible than ever with millions of people all over the world practicing a range of different styles.

And what about reformers?

The reformer is the machine Joseph Pilates designed to complement his repertoire. It features a moving carriage with weighted springs, an adjustable foot bar, and straps that can be used for hands and feet. It’s extremely versatile and lets you create an almost endless range of exercises to target specific muscle groups as well as your entire body.

8 reasons to try Reformer Pilates

  1. Strengthen the core and stabilising muscles that are often left unworked
  2. Create lean, strong muscles
  3. Enhance coordination and stability
  4. Increase flexibility and strength
  5. Improve your mind-body connection
  6. Boost mental wellness
  7. Learn to slow down movements and improve efficiency
  8. Strengthen back and spinal muscles to improve posture

Ready to be Reformed?

Like the idea of a unique challenge, an incredibly strong core and attractive lean muscles? It’s easy to incorporate regular reformer classes without needing to commit to a studio membership. Just open up your E² app to find your nearest class on demand. And if it’s your first time and you want some moral support, don’t forget you can invite a friend to the same session.


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