It’s seriously fun…

Pumping tunes. Pulsating energy. Passionate instructors shouting above the music. Indoor cycling can feel like a nightclub on bikes. Unlike road cycling there are no red lights, pedestrian crossings and swerving vans to hold you up. And in an uplifting group setting, it can often be as much about being social as building stamina.

…and it’s seriously intense

But let’s make one thing clear: spin classes are seriously, seriously intense. They provide a complete body workout that incinerates the fat and calories while building and sculpting your muscles. Not surprisingly, it’s particularly effective if you want to target legs, glutes and abs: these muscle groups do the hard work while your arms stabilise your body and push on the handlebars. Expect to get pushed to your limits and soaked with sweat, but this level of intensity and focus make the time fly by and you smash a session before you know it.

Low impact, highly effective

So spinning gives you a full-on heart-pumping, muscle-screaming workout, but one that’s much easier on your joints than high-impact cardio activities like running. Jinger Gottschall, an associate professor of kinesiology at Penn State University, told Time magazine that her research shows that cycling can also help to improve body composition, decrease fat mass and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Win-win.

Supreme interval training

We’re all aware that interval training offers one of the best methods of increasing cardiovascular capacity and improving performance. And by alternating between high speed standing and heavy load sitting intervals, spinning represents an ideal mix. High intensity interval training on the bike not only burns a huge amount of calories. It also enables your body to produce up to 450 percent more human growth hormone for up to 24 hours, which increases caloric burn and even slows down the ageing process.

Cycling instructors get the most out of you

Unless your levels of motivation are off the charts, it’s highly unlikely that your average gym session will match the intensity of – and for the same length of time as – an indoor cycling class. Energetic instructors keep you going and keep you motivated throughout the session. And being surrounded by spinners pushing through the same barriers also spurs you on. So don’t be surprised if you leave your expectations trailing behind. But you stay in control of the resistance dial, which makes spinning perfect for newbies and those recovering from injuries.
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