Indoor cycling is one of the best ways to break a sweat, tone up your muscles and improve your cardio fitness. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite instructors across London help you learn to love the spin burn. With the flexibility of fitness on demand of Esquared you can try them all and find your favourite

Gareth – Cyclebeat
Sweat it out with Cyclebeats studio manager & indoor cycling enthusiast Gareth along to the pumping playlist of his favourite tunes to keep you motivated

Gerry – Chelsea Health Club & Spa
Kickstart your day with an AM Indoor Cycling session lead by Gerry at Chelsea’s iconic club within Stamford Bridge. Finally a way to experience their amazing facilities minus the membership!

Eleonora – Dolphin Square Fitness
Head to Pimlico’s most luxurious health club and take on mountains and speed circuits set to energetic music and Eleonora’s encouraging and inspiring guidance to help you smash your goals

Maggie – Southbank Club
You’re spoilt for choice with Southbank Club offering four varieties of indoor cycling classes. We love Maggie’s Spin Intervals for a cardio challenge – just try to avoid stairs the next day!

Ryan – MOB 45
Take your endurance to a new level with the self-proclaimed seriously intense 45 minutes sessions complete with hand weights for a full body burn

Chrissie – Jubilee Hall Gym
Centrally located at Covent Garden Jubilee Hall is the place to turn up your fitness regime with the help of Chrissie.

Inka – Energie Fitness Fulham
Max out the muscle toning with Indoor Cycle or include your core with Indoor Cycle/Abs with Inka in the fully equipped spin studio.

Zara – Stars Gym
Enjoy the latest indoor cycling bikes at Stars Gym as you spin it out with Zara – muscle shake inducing workout that’s a lot of fun guaranteed!

Gareth – Daley Fitness
Turn up the intensity with Gareth instructing Performance Spin 60 minute session at British decathlete record holder Daley Thompson’s Putney based studio gym

Laurie – Urban Fitness
Run, sprint and climb your way to fitness with an intense Urban Cycle class led by Laurie at the Algate exercise hot spot.

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