It doesn’t matter which gym you go to. The fact is, most people work out alone. And if you’re one of these lone warriors who train with only iTunes for company, your motivation levels can start dropping. Inviting a friend along to your class or session, however, can be a major factor in keeping you at the top of your game. It’s not only more fun and more social. It’s also proven by science.

Scientists say together is better

Sure, working out with friends is more enjoyable. But at the same time, it’s also proven to deliver real fitness results. Two important scientific studies from Kansas State University and the University of Aberdeen have both shown that training together can boost your fitness levels by 20%.

Your perfect training partner

According to scientists at Kansas State University, your ideal gym mate should be 40% fitter than you. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of competition. Keep it friendly, keep it fun, and you’ll soon reach their level – and motivate them to keep improving too. And if you’re the stronger partner, remember to be encouraging but not patronising or who knows where that dumbbell will end up?

More effective. More fun.

Once you’ve found a partner who can challenge and support you, everything changes. In good company you’ll find yourself wanting to hit the gym more often, or for longer, or both. Keep an eye on each other’s performance. Offer the right encouragement. And you’ll both stay on track to hit your goals and benefit in all kinds of ways.

  • Someone to watch over you
    Working out with friends means you’ll always have a spotting partner to keep an eye on your technique, rep count, and general gym safety. So no more awkward moments asking complete strangers to watch you in action.
  • Learn together
    No matter how long you’ve been going to the gym, there’s always more to learn. A training partner can share new exercises to keep your routine varied and interesting. In the mood for something different? Use the E2 app to try out a huge range of classes – it’s easier with a friend in support.
  • Sharing is caring
    If you’re tired of paying good money for a personal trainer to be your gym buddy, bring along the real thing. It doesn’t just save your cash. Genuine encouragement from a friend will also motivate you more that a stranger ever could, making your fitness goals much easier to reach.

Recovery time is quality time

Once your class or session is over your friendship isn’t, so why not share a drink or a meal or a film together? Recovery time is a huge motivator to hit the gym again, so enjoy it with the people you like spending time with. It makes the whole gym experience 100% positive. And that’s what fitness is all about.

Ready to make the routine less…routine?

If you fancy making your routine more social, download the free E² app from the App Store or Google Play Store and start booking premium two-hour gym session and one-off classes on demand. When you book your class or session with E², you can also send your friends an invite to join you. In just a couple of clicks you’ll all be training together.
And if you’re wondering who to ask along, just choose your fittest, most positive friend and take it from there. But before you click ‘Invite’ make sure you’ve had a chat about the goals you both want to achieve – and the workouts you want to try.