Improve flexibility. Increase energy. Improve your posture. Tone your body. Restore your inner calm. With the list of benefits as long as your outstretched left leg, no wonder yoga has become so popular with classes popping up at gyms and studios all over town. Here’s a short guide to 8 of the best yoga classes in London.

Power Vinyasa at Eve & Grace

If you’re an experienced yogi wanting to improve your poses, this Level 2 class from Eve & Grace in Battersea is the one for you. Faster-paced and free moving with constant poses that smoothly roll from one to the next in fluid motions, it’s the perfect way to challenge yourself. Any expectant mums out there will be pleased to know that Eve & Grace also offer a range of specialist pre- and post-natal classes in their holistic studio.

BROGA® at Soho Gym Holborn

Combine ‘bro’ with yoga and you get Broga, a unique class that makes Soho Gym the perfect destination for lads looking to get into yoga. This energetic and challenging brand of yoga combines effective core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises to deliver the complete workout.

Ashtanga Yoga at Chelsea Health Club & Spa

Looking to improve your flexibility, strength and muscle tone? Then Ashtanga Yoga at Chelsea’s most prestigious health club is for you. With an emphasis on strength and stamina, this is your one way ticket to elongated limbs, toned core and peaceful mind. It’s no roll in the park though, so be prepared for an energetic pattern of poses that’ll make sure you sweat as much as you stretch.


Yoga Nidra at Hot Yoga Society

Learn how to completely unwind and practise the art of mindfulness through this guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is perfect for anyone looking to reduce anxiety, improve stress management techniques and boost productivity and creativity. No experience is necessary, so you don’t need to know how to levitate to enjoy the calming benefits on offer from this 60-minute session.

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga at Stars Gym

Breathing is the key to improvements in the movement and performance of your body – and this dynamic flowing class will help you get it right. Poses flow seamlessly into sequences focused around your breathing techniques, with constant movement meaning you’ll work up a sweat as you lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Just make sure you’ve cleaned your teeth.

Rise ‘n’ Shine Hot Sivanda Yoga at Southbank Club

Start your day saluting the sun at the beautiful Southbank Club. Classic sequences combined with guided breathing techniques are followed by  relaxation to leave you feeling invigorated and ready for whatever the day has in store. The studio is heated to increase intensity and maximise your body’s detox and cleanse.


Hatha Yoga at Dolphin Square Fitness

Hatha is slower paced than other yoga styles, making it perfect for beginners or a gentle start to regaining your fitness. As you explore the variety of poses and breathing techniques, you’ll feel the stress melt away and a feeling of inner peace gently soak into both mind and body.

Pure Stretch at Surrey Sports Park

Surrey Sports Park delivers the ultimate recovery session focused on stretching tight or sore muscles to improve body awareness and flexibility. Increase your range of motion, prevent injuries and aid muscle recovery as you feel the tension melt away with every breath. And if you’re in the market for a more challenging set of sequences, let their Power Yoga classes put you to the test.

Flex your fitness

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