You’ve fought the temptation to stay in bed. You’ve hit the gym with all the enthusiasm of a Duracell bunny. And you’ve felt the burn during – and long after – your punishing workout. Day after day. Week after week. And yet…you’re putting in the effort but don’t seem to be getting the results you deserve. So what’s going wrong?

1. Are you varying your routines?

Variety is the spice of gym life, but it’s all too easy to fall into the same routine. Sure, it’s great to feel yourself getting stronger and fitter every time you run on the treadmill. But to make real progress you need to keep surprising your body. Mixing it up with a range of machines, exercises and techniques can make all the difference.
Maybe you don’t want to risk tying yourself in a knot on some of the more complicated-looking equipment. No problem. E² lets you choose from a huge array of group classes from aqua aerobics to Zumba. Pilates, spinning, boxercise…whatever floats your boat. Learning new approaches in an instructor-led environment frees you from pressure of thinking up fresh ideas every day.

2. Are you eating the right foods?

You’re focused on your workout, but don’t forget that training hard is only half the battle. The rest is all about fueling your body with the right nutrition, so your diet is just as important. For a start, forget about rewarding all that commitment with a couple of chocolate cookies. And don’t get fooled into missing out on the odd meal to bring down your calorie count. Instead, try asking yourself:
Are you consuming enough protein?

  • Lean protein like fish and chicken is best.
  • Red meat is also fine in moderation.
  • And don’t forget other meat-free sources like soy and legumes.

Are you eating the right foods?

Are you getting your five-a-day?

  • Oranges and tomatoes are packed with the vitamin C that keeps your immune system strong.
  • Berries are fill to the brim with antioxidants, which can assist in reducing inflammation and reducing downtime in between workouts.
  • Bananas will replenish the electrolytes and potassium lost during exercise.
  • Spinach is a great source of iron, essential for building and maintaining muscle.

Are you consuming the right carbs?

  • Sorry, but chips and pizza are not on the menu.
  • Go for complex carbs like wholewheat bread and healthy grains such as quinoa.

3. Are you getting enough rest?

You’re feeling stronger. You’re feeling more energised. You’re feeling like you can just go for ever. But hold on a second. Your body also needs time to fully rest, recover and rejuvenate in between sessions. Otherwise it’s virtually impossible for your muscles, joints and ligaments to start reforming.
We recommend you take at least two rest days a week. It’s good for your body and it’s good for your mind. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of sleep you’re getting. Sleep allows your body to recharge – and it’s also when most of your muscle-building takes place. So make sure that you’re getting plenty of shut eye, ideally between 7 – 9 hours per night. Even if it does mean waiting a whole day to watch the next episode of The Walking Dead.

Are you getting enough rest?


4. Or maybe you’re getting too much rest?

You’ve taken a rest day. You’ve enjoyed a good night’s sleep. So up you get with a spring in your step and head off to the gym. But once you get there, how much effort are you putting in? Because your level of intensity makes all difference. A leisurely jog on the treadmill just won’t cut it.
Everyone has lazy days, we all know that. But it’s important to cut through the fatigue and put the work into your workout. Need some motivation? So invite a friend or two to join you at your session and push each other to the limit.
The aim is to get to the point where your muscles are burning and you’re breathing hard and fast. And try to stay in the ‘zone’ for at least 50% of your cardio workout: that’s when your metabolism will be working at its optimum level.

5. Are you dedicating sessions to separate muscle groups?

Are you dedicating sessions to separate muscle groups?It kind of makes sense to focus on a specific muscle group during each session. But if your week consists of legday, chestday, backday, armday…you might want to think again. Instead, try splitting your sessions into upper body and lower body workouts. That increases efficiency and diversity, so you see results faster.

Put the app into application

Don’t let a lack of results get you down. Working out is as much a mental effort as a physical one, so do everything you can to keep motivated, keep positive – and keep going.
And if you haven’t already done so, download the unique E2 app. It lets you purchase 2-hour gym sessions and one-off classes at a wide range of premium gyms and studios without having to pay for memberships. No commitments. No catches. No sweat. So if you’re into getting fit, discover fitness on demand.


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