If you’re looking for a full-on workout that will strip fat, build muscle and get you fitter than you’ve ever been in your life, then ding ding boxing is for you. Put on your gloves and climb into the ring. We can’t promise you’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, but we can guarantee you’ll enjoy an awesome training session all the same.

Round 1: Work out your mind

Boxing requires lots of coordination, plenty of concentration and all your focus. So if you’ve had a long day at the office, a nightmare commute or your football team got hammered again, nothing knocks out stress like a few flurries on the punch bag. You’ll not only release tension, but also the endorphins that make you feel good and sleep better at night.


Round 2: Build your strength

The impact of punching, together with the weight of the bag or the person holding the pads, provides great resistance for your arms, shoulders and back. At the same time, you learn to keep your core engaged throughout the movements, which gives your abs a proper workout too. Then you have the rotational motion of throwing punches that targets your obliques. All in all, boxing gives you the complete upper body workout many other activities miss out on. And boy, will it show…


Round 3: Boost your cardio

There’s a reason why boxers are known to be among the fittest athletes on the planet – and it’s not all connected to the upper body. All that ducking, diving and weaving means you’re always on the move, so you build up your cardio as well as your strength and power. You can also expect a session to include a skipping rope – and don’t be surprised if a few burpees are thrown in too. Remember to keep gasping ‘no pain no gain’ to yourself.

Why you need to try: BOXING

Round 4: Sharpen your hand-to-eye coordination

Hand-to-eye coordination obviously plays a big part in boxing whether you’re sparring with a partner or just beating up a bag. Better coordination can help you to gain more from your workouts, speed up your reaction times, and beat your nephew on his Xbox. In just a few sessions, you’ll find that your accuracy and speed are improving as well as your fitness.


Round 5: Spice up your routine

Rowing, running, riding, lifting…they all have their place and all offer good ways to get fit. At the same time, they can start to feel the same old same old – and that’s when you need to beware of boredom starting to creep in. Boxing is different. You’ll never stop developing your skills and so, with a good instructor, sessions will always feel a bit different. That keeps you motivated, which means you’ll work harder, which means you’ll get fitter.


Boxing is for everyone

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of boxing, whatever your level of fitness. You don’t need any experience, any ring craft or even any shimmering gold shorts. The ring offers an extremely social and fun workout in a team-based environment where people want to help each other rather than knock each other out. Plus, who doesn’t want to release their inner Rocky?

And it’s not just for boys – these days, plenty of girls are getting on the gloves too. Surely you’ve seen the Insta snaps of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Steph Claire Smith, Giselle Bunchen, Jesinta Campbell and Adriana Lima throwing punches in the ring. How else do you think they get those bods?


Box clever with Esquared

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