Adding at least one dance workout to your weekly routine can be a serious game changer. We’re not talking dancing the night away when you’re ‘out out’ on the town. Real sweaty workouts to get your heart pounding and body moving (as gracefully as you can manage).

There’s a reason that Barre workouts have had a surge in popularity over the last few years. Dance exercise is no longer restricted to long-limbed ballerinas who have been dancing since before they could walk… No. These workouts are for everyone and the experts are there to support and encourage as you bust the moves, stretch, flex and feel great. So, what are the benefits? 

  1. Fat burning: as you pick up the pace – cardio is high and calories are burning.  
  2. Does wonders for your health: this includes reducing the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. In terms of mental health, regular dancing boosts serotonin levels – helping with depression and stress-related anxiety.
  3. Improves coordination: whether you’ve got two left feet or you feel you could have been a gymnast in a past life, a dance workout can improve whatever natural ability you have.
  4. It’s FUN: who doesn’t love dancing?! Whether it’s in a bar, in your living room or in a studio – we challenge you to choose another form of exercise that will give you this much enjoyment.

We’ve got more good news for you. The Esquared app is full of the best dance workouts that London has to offer.

our favourites

  1. Define London, Beginner Barre: Prepare for your glutes to be on fire – this class is tough but very rewarding.
  2. Barreworks, Barreworks Ballet Workout: don’t be fooled – this isn’t for professional dancers! In fact, no previous experience is required. Prepare to stretch and move to a unique classical soundtrack in a beautiful studio.
  3. The Refinery, Disco Barre: one of the most popular dance workouts on the app – it’s Barre, but not as you know it.
  4. The London Dance Company, Zumba: we all know and love Zumba – get that heart racing.
  5. Slice Fitness, Dance Aerobics: a lively cardio workout full of the best pop tunes out there.

To book your spot and get moving, download the Esquared app from the App Store or Google Play Store and pick the ‘Dance’ and ‘Barre’ filters to find a class near you!

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