“Pilates is the coordination of the body, mind and spirit.” – Joseph Pilates.

Pilates targets your core and strengthens the muscles, increasing both agility and flexibility. If you’re looking to mix up your workout routine or want to try something new – here’s 7 reasons why it should be Pilates.

#1: Pilates offers a full-body workout

But what does a ‘full-body workout’ actually mean? Well, as Pilates focuses on balance, posture and strength – your core will be engaged and you’ll increase the range of motion of your joints and the flexibility of your body. Overall, you’ll develop tone and definition in your muscles.  

#2: Expect smaller, intimate classes

Pilates isn’t known for cramming as many people as possible into a studio – in fact, they’re known for quite the opposite. And by no means is it a class where you can hide at the back. This means that you’ll receive a high level of attention from your instructor and can improve your form quicker. Pilates actually started out as a one-on-one style of training, with most practitioners maintaining that method of small, intimate classes that are more conducive to faster learning.

#3: Instructors can make or break your experience

This goes for any work out class. Being taught in smaller groups, this is exceptionally true for Pilates. An experienced Pilates instructor knows how to keep sessions fun and engaging so you stay motivated. This begins with a dynamic and supportive environment, where their passion and love for Pilates shines through.

#4: Pilates instructors understand your body

This is one of the overriding reasons to enroll in a Pilates class. Most instructors have backgrounds in anatomy, so they know all about your body and the best ways to go about strengthening your muscles and increasing your agility.

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#5: Pilates helps to protect your body from injury

Pilates strengthens and balances your body, works all your body muscles, and ensures that no muscle group is overworked or undertrained. This enables faster injury recovery. Various studies have also shown that Pilates also helps to improve back pain without any need for medication, which explains why Pilates is widely used for rehabilitation.

#6: Improve your posture  

When you’re performing Pilates at home, it may seem like you’re doing everything exactly the same as the video or picture. Beware. The most minor mistakes can have a huge impact and prevent you from reaping the full benefits. A class-based instructor, on the other hand, is there to make sure you get it right. They have the expertise to tweak your technique and enable you to make Pilates work as effectively as possible.

#7: Pilates classes support other workouts

We’ve already seen how Pilates classes focus on the entire body rather than just the core. By improving your balance, stability and flexibility, Pilates also helps you to up your game when it comes to other forms of working out.

There you have it!

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