Having enough workout motivation before you’re even fully awake, has its perks. You get the sweat session over with before your day has even started, giving you a boost of energy and freeing up your evening. However – not all of us were made to spring out of bed at 6am.

As your day is pretty chocca – opting for the after work workout is your only option. The down side? Motivation is seriously lacking by 3pm. Netflix, the sofa, the pub – pretty much anything that isn’t your workout – is calling your name. We’re here to give you what you’re in desperate need of – tips to get you excited about your upcoming session!

put it in your calendar  (Even your work one) 

Show your colleagues and your mates that you MEAN it. You’re 100% going to this workout because it’s in all of your calendars. You could even go one step further and schedule which routine or class you’ll be doing. Mentally, you won’t want to skip that HIIT class or leg day.

It’ll also help to tell people and make them accountable for your attendance. It sounds extreme but if you’ve got someone in the office who knows your plans – it’s a lot harder to cancel them.

listen to bangers

Just like when you’re physically in a workout and there are all your favourite tunes playing to keep you pumped through the session – listen to music to motivate you. Go as far as to create playlists specifically to gear you up for your next workout. Spotify and Apple Music have great ones – but this is about YOU, so make sure it’s music that’s really going to get you hyped up!

change before you leave work

It could be on your way out or it could be ten minutes before you leave – think of this as prepping. Why do you prep your lunch the night before then bring it in the next day for lunch? To stay healthier and make your life easier – it’s exactly the same!

think about it – have you ever regretted a workout? 

We can pretty much guarantee the answer will be ‘no’, apart from the time you thought spin on a very bad hangover was a really great idea. Take a minute, even close your eyes, and think back to that post-workout buzz you’ve experienced before. Sometimes (most of the time) getting your sweat on can help you feel more relaxed than an entire night slumped on the sofa.

do the workouts you want

Why would we do something we don’t want to? That just makes it pretty much impossible to find the motivation to get it done. Feeling yoga over HIIT? Get your zen on! The choice is completely yours – but if you’re not in the mood for one thing, don’t force yourself. But just consider what you do feel like and replace it.

There you have it – a few simple tips to keep that morning determination going through until the end of the day. Once it’s done – you’ll feel all the more awesome!

A bonus tip is to book a class you fancy on the Esquared app. It’s super flexible, so if you’re just looking for a meditative flow yoga class or you want to sweat it out in a cardio session – book it pay-as-you-go style and get it done. 💪


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