With May comes the sunshine and fresh air, so if you need an excuse to get active then get on your bike and start pedalling! Bike to work day is here and we have 5 benefits you can gain from your morning ride.


Bike to work day


While the exact calories burned on a ride to work will vary. On average you can burn just as many calories as jogging, with considerably fewer negative impacts on the joints. The benefits of cycling can improve cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves coordination, just to name a few.


Apart from the increased self-esteem and confidence that getting fitter and leaner will give you, simply spending more time outside will cheer you up. This is thanks to the wonderful sunlight to boost your levels of serotonin.


Initially, buying the bike may be a little expensive, but chances are you already own one. On average, people who cycle to work every day save £285 every single month. Think of all those monthly savings that will make it all worthwhile.


Exercising speeds up your metabolic rate and has a lasting effect for some time afterwards. Although this effect will slowly fade, by sandwiching the working day with a couple of cycle journeys, you can help maintain a faster metabolism throughout the day.


If you start your day with a breath of fresh air and a bowl of something delicious, you’ll be in a different place to those who wake up late with a groggy head from the night before.

Kick start your day with a positive decision for your mind and body, and you’ll reward yourself with a series of better choices throughout the day!


Want more from your workout? We are here for a workout to suit your mood: choose from yoga, swimming, spinning, boxing, pilates or just some good old treadmill time. With no monthly fees or no membership hassle, you just pay for what you sweat.

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