We all know exercise keeps you healthy and happy, but how can it make us more productive? Here are 5 reasons why exercise not only improves your mood but also supercharges your personal productivity and your work day.


Back to science class for this tip! When you exercise, you are increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and keep you focused on the on your next big project.

Energy levels

No one likes that feeling come 3pm when you’re at work feeling tired and unproductive. To combat this, exercise can give you the energy boost you need to keep you on top of your game at work and increase your performance. If finding the time for a full on HIIT session is proving tricky, make some small changes by taking the stairs, walking during your lunch or getting off a stop early and walking home.

Brain function

Want to spark new ideas and gain some creative thinking? Take a walk! Studies have shown that exercise helps to encourage new ideas and help with a sort of creative problem solving. So next time you’re staring at a wall stuck on an idea, get some fresh air and get moving.

Work life balance

Everyday struggle am I right? Adulting has put us in a position where to have to juggle work and our social lives while also allocating time for yourself. When you’re feeling the pressure, don’t give up your exercise! Structured activity can help achieve better time management and gives you the space to figure out the balance you need.

Improves mental health

Exercise has a huge impact on our wellbeing. It has the potential to not only increase energy levels but to improve mental alertness and a positive mind. Regular exercise releases serotonin to the brain, which helps you feel better and improves your state of mind, making the stresses of work easier to handle.

Esquared can help you incorporate exercise into your life. And guess what? It can be fun and social too. Win-win!

One of the big problems with sticking to an exercise routine in the long term is simply finding the time. Well, that’s where the free Esquared app comes in. With Esquared you can book a variety of studio classes and gym sessions at a time and place that suits you. Try whatever you want and only pay for what you sweat. Win-win!

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