National Fitness Day is the UK’s largest annual celebration of physical activity, aimed at highlighting the fun, the health benefits and the empowerment offered by fitness. And this year it’s all happening on Wednesday 27th September.

The most active day of the year

Founded back in 2011 by the énergie Group, the day was then gifted to ukactive in 2014 to build on its initial success. Their goal? To establish National Fitness Day as the most active day of the year by engaging as many people as possible – active, inactive and in between – in as many locations as possible from the home to the high-street, the office to the gym.

A showcase for fitness

And so every year since then, National Fitness Day provides the showcase for a huge range of activities and games such as Yoga and Pilates classes, treadmill challenges, dance-offs, walks and even high-street HIIT classes. The whole point is to get involved, get your friends involved, and turn a physical activity into an enjoyable social experience.

National Fitness Day Yoga Class

Something for everyone

So on 27th September, just like every other year, thousands of clubs, parks, leisure centres and ukactive gyms will open their doors to the public. Schools, workplaces and communities will also play their part, running events and activities aimed at every kind of audience you can think of.

Get fit, have fun

After all, getting fit can be a daily struggle or a challenge for many of us – but it shouldn’t be. That’s why National Fitness Day aims to bring the fun back into fitness, with an emphasis on the simple steps we can all can take to become more active on a day to day basis. It’s not rocket science. The more enjoyable staying fit can be, the more likely we are to keep at it.

A million people – and counting

In 2016, over 18,000 events up and down the country encouraged over a million people to get moving. That kind of success clearly demonstrates the huge potential of – and interest in – fitness and wellbeing. Not to mention the fact that it really is possible to reach out to everyone, wherever they are and whatever their level of fitness. Let’s see what we can do this year.

Win £200 Nike gear

With all that in mind, E² is very excited to play a part in National Fitness Day 2017. After all, our whole mission is empowering people to get fit and stay that way on demand. And hey – it’s going to feel even easier when you’re wearing the latest gear from Nike.

Book it. Snap it. Win it. What have you got to lose? (Apart from 1000 calories)

So we’re offering you the chance to win £200 to spend at Nike. All you have to do is use the free E² app to book a two-hour gym session or one-off class, take a picture and then share it with us by midnight on Friday 29th September.

@esq2fitess | Twitter or Instagram | #NationalFitnessDay.

Good luck – and have fun on National Fitness Day.

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