51% of adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed and 61% felt anxious. 46% said they ate too much, too little or unhealthily and 29% reported they had increased their booze intake. According to the Mental Health Foundation.

We work hard. We play hard. We workout hard. Jobs, events, social activities, workouts, box sets, families and friends – all keep us extremely busy. With that busyness comes stress. Lots of it. And stress leads to bad habits, unhealthy changes in lifestyle and mental health issues.  

Battling the unknown

You don’t have to be on medication or be thinking suicidal thoughts to be considered as suffering from a mental health issue. It can even be the slightest form of social anxiety, for example. A small gathering or busy, commuter train into work can make you stress out for ‘no apparent reason’.

But, these scenarios can still make you feel tense, anxious and can trigger panicked thoughts and breathing.


More and more people are giving meditation a go in order to feel more balanced. Having the opinion that ‘it doesn’t work’ or  ‘I just feel stupid’ is becoming a thing of the past. Why? Many reasons, but one that we’ll name here is that it helps calm nerves and control anxiety: simple breathing methods are so effective for turning escalated, panicked thoughts into calmer, more manageable ones.

Feeling ‘appy

Yes, we did just make that joke… One app that is making a positive impact in people’s day-to-day lives is Calm. With over 34 million downloads, voted Apple’s ‘App of the Year’ and Editor’s Choice for Google Play, it’s dubbed as ‘the world’s happiest app’.

Their mission is to make the world happier and healthier by helping people to relax, meditate and sleep. From guided 10-minute meditations and soothing nature sounds and scenes, to sleep stories, breathe bubbles and masterclasses – this app has literally everything you need in order to feel, well, calm.

Our personal faves

#1: Sleep series: after a particularly stressful day, “Deep Sleep Release” on a 10-minute timer is perfect to listen to, to help relax, unwind and effortlessly fall asleep.

#2: Nature sounds & scenes: choose from a selection of calming sounds and matching scenes to transport you away from the stressful environment you’re actually in. Rain on leaves, thunderstorm, zen ocean and falling snowflakes are among the many options.

The best part

You can use it anywhere. It’s an app. So, no matter what situation or scenario you’re in as you feel yourself starting to feel anxious or stressed – Calm is there for you.  

Try it for World Mental Health day, today.


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