You might have fitted in a last-minute workout before flying off somewhere, but without taking the right precautions you can still end up feeling drained and disorientated when you land. With Esquared set to go live in countries all over the globe, we’re pretty confident we’ve perfected the art of long distance travel. So whether you’re a frequent flyer or just heading off for a well earned break, this list of tips for a healthy flight will help to make sure you arrive in great shape.

Drink lots

Sorry if that got your hopes up, but we’re not talking about Duty Free or cadging an extra mini bottle of wine or two from the trolley. The high altitude, the air conditioning and the stress all have an extremely dehydrating effect on your body, so drink as much water as you can. As in 3 litres or more. It’s also well worth packing electrolyte tablets or sachets in your hand luggage to help replenish the minerals lost to dehydration too.

Stay Hydrated

Limit the liquor

You probably guessed this was coming. Drinking too much alcohol before and during your flight might feel good at the time, but it won’t do you any favours in the long run. You may have already heard that one drink in the air is equal to three on land. While that’s far from proven, drinking alcohol onboard definitely leaves you more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, whether that’s because the cabin’s air pressure thins the blood or flying conditions result in less oxygen reaching your brain.


5-a-day keeps the jet lag away

The right diet will also play a big part in staying fresh and alert after your flight. Nourish your body with plenty of fruit and vegetables during your journey, while avoiding those highly processed foods high in salt and goodness knows what else. Fresh fruit and veg will also help to keep you hydrated, as well as avoid that bloating feeling that so many people experience on long haul flights.

5 a day veg fruit

Spa in the sky

Lip balm and facial moisturiser are another couple of must-haves to stash in your carry on – for you too, gentlemen. Keep your skin hydrated and you’ll breeze through passport control looking and feeling as fresh as a proverbial daisy. Facial wipes also come in extremely handy for removing makeup if you’re on an overnight flight, or just a quick touch up while your plane is taxiing to the gate.


Move and stretch

Is it just us, or are they squeezing in a few extra rows of seats onto planes these days? Whatever, after a couple of hours you can start to feel pretty cooped up – unless you’re one of the important people at the front of course. So during the flight try to stand up regularly (if you’ve drunk as much water as we’ve recommended, you’re going to have to do that anyway) and gently stretch your back and legs to get your circulation going. You can also take advantage of any stopovers to enjoy a brisk stroll.


In transit

Talking of stopovers, if you have a lot of time to kill or a flight with awkward time differences, head to the transit hotel within the airport to take a shower and get some quality sleep. A nice cold shower will help to reduce inflammation and water retention, as well as leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated for the next leg of your journey.


It ain’t over when it’s over

Once you’ve landed, keep following these tips for the next 24 hours. And to make sure you really do hit the ground running, try to get a workout or exercise class under your belt as soon as you can. Not a problem if you’ve downloaded the free Esquared, which makes it easy to find and book for 2-hour gym sessions and one-off classes at premium health clubs and studios in London.


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