The closer we get to Christmas, the more we have to start squeezing into already hectic schedules. When that happens, it’s easy to put our fitness routines on the back burner for a couple of weeks. After all, we’ll get back into good habits in January… won’t we?

Easier said than done

The thing is, it isn’t always so easy to get back into those habits. So isn’t it a good idea not to leave them in the first place? Working out over the holiday period helps us to keep feeling healthy and energised, never mind doing wonders for our consciences as we reach out for yet another mince pie. Esquared is purpose-built to help busy people fit in their fitness – and really comes into its own at Christmas for a wide range of reasons.

Ultimate flexibility

One look at your diary until the end of the year may well be enough to turn you into a quivering jelly. Department drinks. The company Christmas do. Long lunches (if you’re lucky). The end of year rush (if you’re not). Not to mention the shopping, catching up with friends, visiting family… Even so, if you’ve got the odd chink of free time here and there, Esquared offers all the flexibility you need to make the most of it. Gym sessions and studio classes are all listed in real-time, so just open the app, see what’s available, and book in a tap.

Location location

Instead if being tied down to a single gym or even a small chain, Esquared provides access to dozens and dozens of quality gyms and studios all over London. So wherever you’re rushing off to there’s going to be a great venue nearby, whether you want a quick workout before you hit the shops or some indulgent me-time after traipsing the length and breadth of Oxford Street. In just a few taps you can swap the winding queues for bicep curls, the shopping bags for punch bags, and the hustle and bustle for building muscle.

Social workouts

This is the time we traditionally catch up with friends for the final time of the year (even those we haven’t caught up with since last year). So why not kill two turkeys with one app? Esquared offers a unique social feature that lets you invite friends to the same class or session you’ve booked for yourself, making it easy to work up an appetite (or a thirst) together.



Luxury venues

Surely, surely this is the time to treat yourself as well as others, right? Look no further than your free Esquared app. Indulge in an early Christmas present in the luxurious surroundings of London’s leading boutique health and fitness clubs, whether pampering yourself in the jacuzzi or pool or melting off the mince pies in a steam bath or sauna.

Unrivalled choice

Didn’t you just love Santa leaving you a Selection Box in your stocking when you were a kid? Or what about those little red string bags bursting with chocolate bars? Well Esquared is kind of like the fitness equivalent to that, letting you enjoy a mouthwatering (or sweat inducing) range of facilities at a myriad of top class gyms and studios. Classes, cutting edge equipment, old school favourites, pools, spas… you name it. With Esquared, you can enjoy a routine as diverse and varied as you like to keep fitness fun, interesting, motivating and convenient.

Zero commitments

You might know how it is. You’ve certainly heard about it. Living life to the full over Christmas followed by yet another resolution to ‘get back in shape in the new year.’ January arrives and off we go to the nearest gym, sign a contract and commit to a chunky monthly direct debit. And then… it can all fizzle out, can’t it? Esquared is different, opening up a world of fitness on demand with no contracts, no joining (or rejoining) fees and no strings attached either. Simply pay as you gym and nothing more.

Good Conscience

Pies, puddings, sweets and treats. Lunches, drinks and dinners. For many if not most of us, this is the time of year our calorie-ometer hits red. If only you could manage to squeeze in even the odd session between social events and family celebrations, it would make you feel a bit better knowing you’re making at least a bit of an effort. Well, as you rustle around in the oversized tub of Quality Street, remember that Esquared puts your next workout in easy reach too, so you can work off the calories and satisfy your conscience.

We’ve got Christmas fitness all wrapped up

Esquared is the perfect fitness accessory for this time of year, whether you want to build up a Christmas presence or simply stay on top of all the extra calories. Just download the free app, search for the kind of classes or gym facilities you want in the area that suits you best, and book in a tap.


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