Let’s face it, many of us are pretty good at coming up with excuses to miss a session. And the weather is always a good place to start. It’s too cold. It’s pouring down. I’ll catch up when it gets warmer.

The heat of the moment
But then fast forward to summer and suddenly, well, it’s just so hot. Won’t exercise do more harm than good? And, let’s face it, those after-work drinks in the evening sun are just so much more tempting than a 10k run. Or else you’re on holiday away and hey – you’re there to take life easy right?
Sounds familiar? So we thought we’d put together a few excuse-busting ideas to help you stay in shape over the summer.


1. Stay hydrated
Sure, it sounds obvious. But dehydration is one of the main causes of lethargy in the summer. And that applies just as much to sitting at your desk or reclining in the garden as it does to working out in the gym. Drink some water 15 minutes before your fitness routine and it can help you beat fatigue and increase endurance. Add crushed ice and it’s even better, proven to increase endurance by up to ten minutes. And try to stop for a glass of water every 10 minutes too. Keep your hydrations levels high. Feel energised. Stay motivated.

Stay hydrated


2. Turn a good workout into a good time
Who said exercise has to feel like…well, exercise? There are a all kinds of interesting ways to stay in shape while you’re on holiday – or even when you’re not. What about a sightseeing tour by bike? Cycling around a new city or exploring your own neighbourhood from a new perspective is a great way to enjoy the sun. Or why not try something new? If you’re staying near the beach you can try your hand at kitesurfing, paddle boarding or who knows, just good old swimming. Inland, what about horse riding, hill walking or even paintballing?


3. Add a splash to your routine
Swimming ticks every box. Resistance training. Muscle building. Cardio. The lot. All with zero impact on your joints. It also provides great exercise for your lungs, helping to increase endurance. And that semi-yoga-type movement forces you to stretch your arms and legs in movements otherwise difficult when you’re on dry land. Swimming is also an effective stress buster as you’re less distracted by outside influences. And needless to say, the water keeps you cool in the heat of the day


4. Stay fit. Keep cool.
You’re right to want to stay indoors when the mercury rises. But that doesn’t mean sweating on your sofa. It means opening your E² app and finding an air-conditioned gym or studio so you can stay fit and keep cool at the same time. Most gyms have a chill out area, so take advantage and regulate your core temperature before heading back out into the heat.

Stay fit. Keep cool.


5. Beat the heat
The earlier you work out, the cooler it’s going to be. So take advantage of the lighter mornings and go for your run, cycle or session before the sun starts baking the day ahead. You can also get a real kick from being up and about before everyone else and enjoying the streets (almost) to yourself. Clear your mind and get ready to take on whatever lies ahead.


6. Stretch out in the sun
Warmer body, more flexibility. So try stretching out on a yoga mat for a couple of hours every week. Yoga is a great way to boost your self-confidence. It also improves your immunity and with it your chances of avoiding the dreaded summer cold. Not to mention the fact it helps you keep your cool after a stressful day at work or a broiling trip home on the tube. And yes, you can find plenty of classes on the free E² app. But you already knew that, right?


Summer fitness on demand
The benefits of keeping up your fitness regime during the summer months far outweigh the costs of drifting into an unhealthy lifestyle. And E² makes it easy. Download the free app to find a pool, an air-conditioned gym or a yoga class on demand. Search Esq2 in the AppStore or Esquared on Google Play.