Want to tone up, increase your muscle strength, reduce muscle soreness and get the most out of your workout? You can do exactly that with a few single arm bicep curls at the end of your workout as you drink a protein shake.

Protein powder is just for bodybuilders though?

Nope! Protein power is for any active or wellness oriented person who wants to repair their muscles after a workout, firm the appearance of their body and as well as feeling full. As protein powder is an isolated nutrient source, it provides a lot of benefits without a large calorie, carbohydrate or sugar count.

Cheers to

  • Proteins and amino acids being quickly broken down and delivered straight to your muscles
  • Repairing muscle fibres after stress, caused from your workout
  • Improving lean muscle mass
  • Reducing cravings or temptation to overeat after working out
  • Improving muscle mass and tone
  • Reduces DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) after an intense sweat session

Is whey the way?

There are different types of protein powders on the market to suit your personal needs and eating preferences. We’ve come across more flavours than you could imagine so there’s always something to suit your taste. Mix your powder with cold water, milk or your favourite milk substitute to drink. Opt for coconut water for extra minerals and hydration!

Whey protein: the most commonly used type of protein powder, which is extracted from cows milk. It contains whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate that is blended for easy digestion.

Casein protein: Digested slower than whey, but still packed with essential amino acids and rich in glutamine make it most ideal to be consumed before bed.

Plant based protein: plant-based or vegan protein powder options are dairy free and can be derived from a variety of natural sources, including pea; hemp; rice; soy.

How do you take yours?

In our humble opinion (as well as the opinion of pro bodybuilders, personal trainers, fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts worldwide!) the PROMiXX Vortex Mixer is the best and most convenient way to drink your protein powder of choice post workout. Traditional shakers often leave you with a lumpy inconsistent texture that’s far from enjoyable. The PROMiXX mixer uses Vortex Mixing Technology™ to give you a perfectly smooth supplement shake at the touch of a button.

Protein powder shaker girl

Mixx up your workouts

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